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Sic transit gloria mundi

Una volta Kirk Snyder volava sulla testa della gente …

Oggi la sua situazione purtroppo è questa

Kirk Snyder was in the news a few weeks ago, having been accused of breaking into a home and assaulting a man. He has been indicted on two felonies, and has since received another assault charge for allegedly attacking an inmate at the county jail.Believe it or not, it gets worse. Denise G. Callahan of the Dayton Daily News writes:Warren County Common Pleas Judge Neal Bronson found Snyder unable to stand trial this week following a competency hearing. He also has ruled, at the request of Dr. Anthony Whitaker at Summit Behavioral Healthcare, that Snyder be force fed.”The defendant has in fact rejected all medications and nutrition that has been offered him to the point that the defendant had to be hospitalized on two occasions…,” Bronson wrote. “All other possible methods have been attempted without success, thereby making forced medication and nutrition the least intrusive method remaining

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  1. Eugenio Eugenio

    La Nba è anche questo.. si passa dalle caramelle a questi articoli.. e non credo sia l’unico caso purtroppo..

  2. Marco Marco

    fa molto male sapere di questi ragazzi che si sono perduti. Spesso non sono recuperabili, ma credo che tentativi ne vengano fatti anche pochi…mi sembra (purtroppo) di rivivere la storia del povero Grifone!

  3. edlp edlp

    “…You can take a man out of the ghetto, but you can’t take the ghetto out of a man..”

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