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Savrasenko, addio CSKA

dal sito ufficiale del CSKA
Today our club decided to lease center Alexey Savrasenko until the end of season.

“It was not an easy decision, – CSKA CEO Andrey Vatutin said. – It was very difficult. Yesterday during the game against ASK Riga Alexey publicly and incorrectly expressed his unhappiness with the playing time and the role on the team. The conversation continued after the game. We had to deal with the factor of unhappiness from the beginning of season and we tried to resolve the situation ‘diplomatically’. But after yesterday’s incident the diplomacy doesn’t work no more. Today after the meeting with Alexey we came to mutual assent to try to find the new team for him. Alexey did a lot of good things for CSKA, and we cannot underestimate his role in team’s successes. He is a player of Russian National Team also. So we cannot treat Savrasenko as a regular player. We should assured he will get the chance to play somewhere and we are going to him in finding the new team. At the same time we had to respect the ethics in the relations between player and club”.

“I am very sorry that the incident happened, – CSKA head coach Ettore Messina said. – And ithappened in a difficult time for our team. We tried to help Alexey after his injury, we returned him into the starting five even though he was not completely ready physically. But Alexey continued to express his unhappiness. We need only the players who are happy to play for CSKA”.

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